Yarn gift!

I got a yarn gift tonight! My friend, who studied in Bloomington, Indiana over the summer, said he stumbled across this shop devoted entirely to yarn, that he had no idea such places existed, where everything in the store was yarn. :teehee: And so he thought of me, and brought me back a ball of Misti Alpaca Chunky in red and Plymouth Suri Merino in a green heather. How thoughtful was that?! I still can’t believe it. :noway: :woohoo:

I wonder what I should do with them. I think I have to make the chunky alpaca into a scarf because it’s sooo soft (as talked about in the Misti Alpaca thread), but I’m not sure what to do with the 1 ball of suri merino, which ain’t nothing to shake a stick at, either.

yay! fun!!

Aww, that’s sweet!

Cool! I bet he’s secretly hoping that the yarn comes back to him in another form… like that scarf you were talking about! :teehee:

What a great friend :cheering:

You’re wondering what to do with them? Well, you can start by posting pictures… :slight_smile:

For the merino - maybe a little bag of some sort?

you could send the yarn to ME :flirt:

How thoughtful of your friend! And now his eyes have been opened to the great wonder of the LYS! LOL