Yarn Game?

Ok, so I am all about saving money for the fam… I only buy on sale (most of the time)… Today I bought my 3 yo an entire wardrobe consisting of 22 pieces for $120 (shirts and pants for fall)! I buy my groceries based on the best possible price. That’s why I have joined Grocery Game. For those of you not geeky enough to know what Grocery game is, here it is in a nutshell: If you compare the store sales with the available (unexpired) coupons plus add double coupon days… you get jelly for $0.25/jar! (Example) Well, there is a service that does this for you for a nominal fee. At the Grocery Game, Teri compiles lists (based on the stores you frequent) of what is a super good buy this week. You end up saving oodles and oodles of money. (I save about $400/mo. AND have more food than ever before.) Oh and FYI- there is a free version called Coupon Mom, but I don’t care for it as much. I do use it for Walmart lists though.

This got me thinking… What if someone came up with the same sort of thing for yarn and knitting supplies? Created a website that listed the best possible deals on needles, notions, and yarns per store… Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

If you really want to hunt for bargains, check out your local Goodwill store (if you have one nearby). Yesterday I dropped off some items and had to go check out the store(of course). Well, I purchased a small radio for my kitchen -$1.99, and a pair of pants and a sweater for $10.99. The clothes looked like they had never been worn. I love our Goodwill.

I second the opinion on the thrift stores. I hit a few this weekend, was dropping off some stuff. Got 2 skeins of chunky lion brand for $.99 a piece, a set of needles for the same, and a nice brand new sweater for $7. Hit another store, got a great bargain on some cotton yarn.
Sometimes it’s hit or miss, but usually I find something. My entire straight needle selection is purely thrift store. Most I’ve spent is $3 I think for a set.

What a great idea. I know my sister has found some great deals on yarn when she’s looked at Goodwill and other thrift stores. I’ll have to check it out. I could use a few more needles…:slight_smile:

It’s a great idea but I have to wonder how the people who do this earn a living. What you describe takes a pretty good amount of time so they must be getting income from it in some way.

You mention a “nominal fee” but I suspect there must be more revenue sources involved to make it profitable to invest the time involved with researching and compiling such information.

I’m sure that stores pay advertising for her to list them on her site. Nothing is free.

Exactly what I was wondering.

Unfortunately the Grocery Game site only lists one supermarket in my area and I don’t shop there. I’m sure it’s of more use in other areas.

I think there’s a group on Ravelry that is all about yarn sales. I can’t remember the name, but I know I’ve stumbled upon it. My area has a group too and they like to list stores that are having good sales.