Yarn free diet! nooooooooooooo

My DH has put me on a yarn free diet and it’s killing me. I have to use or somehow get rid of at least 5 or 6 skeins from my stash before I can get more. :pout: :verysad: :waah: :pout: :verysad: :waah: My LYS is having a sale on some really great yarn and I’ve had to turn up buying some Moda Dea Dream (one of the few acrylics that I really like) from Cherinec5. Oh the pain, Oh the humanity. What ever will I do? He just doesn’t understand that just beause he thinks I have too much yarn doesn’t mean that I do. I mean my stash only takes up 1 1/2 plastic storage containers and Molos del Uruguay is on sale and so what I don’t have anything planned for it that doesn’t mean I won’t find something to make with it. Any way I promised I wouldn’t get anymore yarn for a while. Oh well, sorry for whining.

Has anyone else had to do this? How’d you get through it?

Najda xxx

Lie, cheat and steal.

When it comes to yarn, I am very BAD BAD person. I find ways to pay for yarn out of the account instead of my allowance. I’m horrible. Yarn is my crack. And when my husband complains I tell him to relax, at least it isn’t shoes, drugs or other men! :shrug:

Oh, the sadness!

I have learned to pay cash at my LYS so DH doesn’t notice the expense and cant criticize me for it. :teehee:

He never looks at what I have so as long as I keep my big mouth shut!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I say that too…but I leave out the “other men” part :eyebrow:

That’s because great Andrea’s think alike!

When I first started knitting, dh did not understand the concept of stash. Not at all. “You don’t need yarn. You have some. Knit ____ and then get more.”

Now, a year later, he’s learned to live with stash because it makes living with me much more pleasant for him (I’m not a raving :!!!: ! :teehee:).

hrmm…well i suppose you COULD tell him that since he is cutting off your S.E.X. supply line that you could cut off his…ahem :teehee:


That’s because great Andrea’s think alike![/quote]

You’re right!!!

I married an “enabler”! :roflhard: If I see yarn and say “oh look how pretty!!!” he’ll say buy it. He actually was touching some expensive cashmere at a yarn store on vacation one time when I first started knitting and said to me “I like this, you should buy it”. :roflhard: I have to tell him I don’t need stuff. He’s pretty darn cool about the knitting habit. Of course, he’s got his models trains, antique cars, mountain bike stuff, etc. and all I have is my knitting so it’s not that big of a deal compared to his expensive hobbies.

Let’s see… how to use up 5 or 6 skeins really fast? You could knit with several strands together to do a really chunky scarf or something. Then again, you could just send them my way… :teehee:

You’re not? :??

I knit lots and lots of charity stuff to get rid of my excess stash. I still have some, but it’s disappearing. I have to admit though that I’m not on a yarn free diet completely so I have been able to get a bit here and there. :teehee:

Thanks guys, You’ve really cheered me up. :muah: :hug: I appreciate all the advice too. My DH is not an ogre and he has tried to understand my addiction but like most non-knitters it just doesn’t make sense to him.

Thank you Jan for suggesting the charity knitting, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I’ll start some stash busting projects after I finish the last of my X-mas gifts.
I’ve never been one to cut off sex, Brendajos, basically because I like it too. I hope thats not too much information. But if I get really desperate I may just have to…well you know :teehee: .
I have used the shoes and drugs arguement, though I think I’ll add the other men to that and see what happens.
I could use just cash but then I’d be breaking my promise. I guess that falls under the lie, cheat and steal catagory.

Thanks again :muah: :muah: :muah:

Nadja xxx

lol i wasn’t suggesting it was a GOOOOOD idea…just another option.

of course there is another way to go with that…ummm…oh never mind… :teehee:

My dh tried this tactic before with me with my other addiction, books. I have thousands of books. And i REFUSE to give any of them up. I just buy another bookcase and stick it somewhere or pile them on the floor. He tried telling me I had to get rid of some before I could buy anymore. HA HA HA HA HA :roflhard: I just hide the bags in the car until he’s not home nad bring them in. we have seperate checking accounts though :happydance:

My DH picks on my stash sometimes, but mainly because he finds it funny. My husband is a big cigar aficionado. He is also a member of a cigar of the month club. I love what he has been known to tell people when they ask how his wife likes him buying cigars… “I have my cigars and she has her yarn. We have an agreement.” :rofl:

eh…not a fair trade! Your yarn doesn’t smell like a foot! :teehee:

Just to take this in a different direction… the amount of your stash is quite conservative compared to many of us. He should be very grateful you have such a modest amount on hand! I, for one, have the entire guest bedroom closet full of yarn from floor to top shelf. 8 large plastic bins stacked neatly in there. Plus, ahem, 3-4 bags of projects lined up along one wall that are already planned and bagged with pattern and needles.

You are a mere neophyte when it comes to yarn stashing! :roflhard:

I too have an enabler. He cares not about my yarn. He is of the opinion that it is very inexpensive. Other women buy lots and lots of shoes. He says my yarn is much more productive. He feels that every person needs a hobby to keep them less idle and more creative. If I’m knittin’ I’m not cheating :wink: I’m happy and I am making things. Plus he collects guitars and movies.

Although, he doesn’t get the idea of having yarn and not knitting with it. He does get the stash though. So, we’re all cool. No diets for me any time soon. As a matter of fact, I’m stopping by the LYS tomorrow just cuz.

:rofl: CARMEN,you are a very bad influence on the rest of us,shame on you teaching us bad things.Lie,cheat , steal…For yarn…Giggle :rofl: