Yarn forward vs yarn round needle

Help!! I’m trying to knit the Nadia cardigan from sublime #650. The pattern states:

CO 83 sts

Row 1 *K2tog, yfwd, yrn, p1, (k1,p2) 4 times, k1, repeat from * to last 3 sts, k2tog, yfwd, k1

Row2 P3 *p1,(k2, p1) 4 times, p3, repeat from * to end

Question 1: Am I basically doing 2 yarn overs?
Question 2: If yes to question 1, does that mean I have a total of 88 sts after row 1?
Question 3: If yest to question 1 & 2, row 3 doesn’t make sense to me. Is the matter not short of one stitch?

I can’t find any errata for this pattern or booklet. Can anyone help me?

The yfwd, yrn is only one yo, it’s going from a knit to a purl where you do a regular yo, then bring the yarn to the front for the purl st.

So I’m just doing one yarn over, bring the yarn to front to do the purl stitch? Really? I guess that’s difference between US and England/English patterns. Thank you.

Yep, the british terms tell you how to move the yarn, using YO is the result. Just a different way of looking at something.