Yarn for workout socks

What’s the best yarn to make socks I can work out in?

Hmm good questions…I would think something that has a cotton content in them…like


Lionbrand Cotton-ease.

I had originally thought cotton, but do you think it will still absorb? Maybe because it’s a cotton/wool blend it’ll work? Also, I don’t want HEAVY socks, but do you think something like a DK weight would be good for cushiony, or is thin the way to go?

I realize it may be preference, but I want some input! :slight_smile: Thanks for your help so far!

ETA: I just saw that Vickie Howell’s athletic sock pattern uses Cascade Fixation, which is DK and nearly all cotton with a bit of elastic. Seems the way to go! Thanks, everyone :slight_smile: Perhaps KP Shine Sport? No elastic, but I wonder if I knit the whole thing in K2P2 rib it’d be good…? We might have to try it out!

You don’t want to go 100% cotton…apparently…

Something to do with them wearing out faster…

If it were me…I don’t want thick socks for working out…because once my feet overheat…that is it…I think wool would be a bit too warm…but again…that is just imo

I think a cotton/elastic/nylon assortment should work ok…

What kind of working out are you doing?

I wouldn’t use cotton because cotton holds water (sweat) and makes my feet all prune-y. In a hiking or running sock, cotton often causes blisters. My favorite active-wear socks are Smartwool, hands down, so I would go with a wool blend if it were me.

It’s not so much about cotton wearing out faster, as that it has no give, no natural elasticity. And I guess the answer also has something to do with what kind of working out you’re thinking of. . .

I wouldn’t use KPs Shine Sport. There is no give in the yarn at all. I’ve made 2 pairs of ankle socks with it and although they’re comfortable, they are a bit thick in sneakers. If you do give it a try make the length of the foot longer than you normally would. For example, I’m a size 7 and can usually knit the foot 7 inches and decrease for the toe and it’s perfect. But in this yarn, I had to knit 9" before the toe decrease and they fit perfectly. Just and FYI.

I’d suggest a bamboo/wool blend - panda wool is one. The bamboo gives it antibacterial properties and wool will absorb moisture and keep skin dry.

I have made about a half dozen pair of socks using Elann Esprit, which is identical to Cascade Fixation, but generally less expensive. The elastic makes them stay up well and I wear them in my hiking boots and gardening shoes. I throw them in the wash and then air dry them and they seem to be holding up quite well and are comfortable. I hate socks that slide down and bag around my ankles.

Working socks with Cascade Fixation 99% cotton and 1% nylon. I bought alot at a yarn sale and the colors were great. Must watch tension but the fit is snug and fitted like sport socks and very soft. Tricky to work with and my knitting group does not like knitting on it but I’ve gotten accustomed to the yarn. Again, the patterns and colors are amazing…

Good for you wanting to make socks to work out in! I am so paranoid about taking care of all my socks - I would be scared to wear them for the purpose of sweating in them!!! You’ve got me thinking now…tell us how it works out for you & if you enjoy them!!