Yarn for "scrubbies"?

So I’m at the dentist office yesterday gettin’ a broken-in-half molar patched up. The dental assistant knows I knit. She musta seen my name of the roster for that day. She’s ready for me!

She drags out a little baggy with 2 old dishcloths in it! They are her favs. Someone had knit these two scrubby dishcloths for her a couple years ago. Her husband has made cuts/holes in them by using them on his butcher knives. She wants someone to make some new ones for her. She needs to find the yarn.

I picked at the strands of the yarn itself…and they are little micro fish nets! The yarn doesn’t appear to be tulle, or nylon netting. I have never seen “yarn” like this. HAVE YOU??? The dishcloths themselves feel scratchy. They are garter stitch, and about 4"x5".

Anyway, thought I’d ask y’all: have you ever seen or heard of a scrubby yarn like this?? :??

She loves these 2 pathetic little dishcloths…and I’d knit her a couple of them as a gift if I could find the yarn. She’s a sweet young woman!

I don’t know if this helps or not, but a lady at my church used to crochet scrubbies like that for rummage sales, and she used ‘yarn’ she made out of strips of netting from the fabric store. I think she just cut long, thin strips of it and either knotted it together or just used each individual strip.

My mom loves them and swears they’re better than steel wool. :teehee:

I never thought of using netting! I suppose something like this…

I might have to try that sometime!

Could the yarn be:

Needloft Yarn or

Needloft Cord

As so see:

[B]Crocheting dish scrubbies 101


[/B][B]Knitted Dish Scrubbie Pattern Tutorial


Nylon netting in 3 inch spools

[/B][LEFT][B]Nylon Netting Spools[/B][/LEFT]

[SIZE=7][SIZE=5]By cracky, I think you found it!!![/SIZE] :thumbsup:[/SIZE]

I’d definitely want to get the spool of 3" pre-cut netting to knit along with the yarn!

[SIZE=7]Thanks Again![/SIZE][SIZE=7]:cheering: [/SIZE][SIZE=7] [SIZE=3]

Does anyone else know something else? :shrug:
Additional leads?? Info?? :shrug:






I have a couple of these scrubbies,they are crocheted.I haven’t made any yet but it’s on my list

Hmmmm. I gotta try this.

How about… fishing line? That’d stay scrubbie-able, right?

That’s going on my needles today. Gotta try this one!


This is the such a cool thing! I really want to try this! :inlove:

fishing line?

Mee too. I can’t wait to tryy these. After i get my Christmas list complete.

I’ve had this in my pattern binder for awhile, haven’t ever made it up though:

Hi GrandmaLori!

That’s a good pattern! Thanks for the link! I’ll use that pattern for sure!

I’ve used the old style real Phyntex (SP) you know the kind our grandmother made slippers out of. It never wears out.
I think I bought some at Zeller’s

Hope that helps…:knitting:

A friend of mine makes scrubbies. She uses the netting from the fabric store cut in strips. I cut some and used my rotary cutter with my long ruler. It was really fast.
I saw somewhere (not really sure where) that to make a scrubbie dishcloth, use a strand of cotton and a stip of netting. I haven’t tried it, but it sounded like it would work.

For a pattern using cotton yarn please see:
[B]Knitted Dish Scrubbie Pattern Tutorial

Quickie update: knitting with fishing line works GREAT for making a scrubbie!

I like your idea of adding a strand of cotton… fishing line and cotton = awesome, soap-retaining scrubbie action.


Thanks for the great thread, and last-minute gift ideas, ArtLady! I’ve been wanting something to give my cotton dishcloths a bit more scrubbing power. This sounds perfect. I just ordered some of those 3" spools.

FYI - for anyone who is planning on ordering, she is [B]closed from mid-December through the end of January[/B], so if you don’t get your order in soon, it won’t ship until February!!!

I stopped in a Michaels Crafts this afternoon. Naturally I went to the yarn / needles craft section. As I walked around I passed the Plastic Canvas Yarn section.There was Needloft Yarn that seems like it will work for scrubbies.

I received my order of 3" netting spools yesterday and knitted up a little scrubbie with one strand of dishcloth cotton and a 1" strip of the netting, using my electric carving knife to cut the spool into thirds.

As a test, I knitted a mini version of Grandma’s favorite dishcloth pattern. It looks great and works even better. The cotton helps hold the dish soap and the netting adds pretty terrific scrubbing power.

Off to knit up a dozen or so of these for us, and for gifts.:out: