Yarn for sale - SOLD! thanks

I have several skeins (balls) of Alpaca yarn that I bought when I first started by fiber obsession. After knitting one mobius I found that it makes me itch. So here is what I have:

All balls are 50g about 100 yards 100% Alpaca

1 1/2 balls in a red/purple color. It seems to be about sock weight, maybe finer? $3 for both

4 1/2 balls in an olive color. It appears to be a little finer than worsted weight. $7 for all

2 1/2 balls in a dark maroon color. I think it’s a sock weight or a sport. $5 for all

5 balls in an ice blue color. It looks to be lace weight. $10 for all.

If you take it all I’ll sell for $20. I take paypal. PM me if interested.

Here is a picture:

I’d be interested in them,
How much will shipping be to the U.K?


Wow, Hazel, I don’t know.

Ok I just went to USPS real quick and it says about $16.80. I didn’t check other places though. That was for all the yarn though. If interested PM me and we’ll work something out. :slight_smile:

Man, I would love those yarns,but my DH wiped out my paypal account! GRRR… Hopefully you will still have them when I finally have money again.

The money really isn’t that important to me…I just need to get rid of this yarn and didn’t want to send it to Goodwill. I’m willing to trade or barter or whatever. :slight_smile: PM me and we’ll work it out.

PM’d you about any leftover or if someone else changes their mind.