Yarn for sale on Rav

Has anyone else noticed that some of the people’s stuff is listed HIGHER than what it would cost at the store or online? At first I just thought it was just one or two, but I’m looked more and more and I’m seeing it all the time now… Just seems strange to me…

No, I haven’t noticed. Could it be possible they are including shipping in their pricing?

I’ve sold some yarn to Ravelers…but I list the price I want for the yarn, and state the PRIORITY shipping separately…and then only within the US to keep shipping costs down.

I sold yarn to folks who approached me about it.

The ones I saw today said they were without shipping… Some of what I have seen was really great prices… wish I could buy some… :teehee: one lady had beautiful alpaca fro sale and WAY below what I would normally pay…

And I understand everyone not being way below, but more… that’s what was throwing me off… maybe it’s just the ones I was looking at…

I’ve bought A LOT of destash yarn on Ravelry – but only stuff that I really wanted that was reasonably priced.

There are lots of ways to find yarn for sale; have you tried the ISO and Destashing group? You don’t have to join the group to buy or sell yarn there.

Yes, I sometimes see some prices I consider high. I just figure that yarn’s not for me; and if enough other people pass over it because of the price, eventually it may come down a bit.

ETA: If there’s something you really love, you might try making a counter offer – all the worst they can do is say no!

Personally, if I wanted to sell yarn from my stash…I sure would give them the same sale price I paid, and maybe lower! I certainly wouldn’t try to profit from it. However, I wouldn’t want to lose money on the actual shipping cost. A lot of websites offer FREE SHIPPING because they are making a profit from the minimum yarn purchase itself. FREE SHIPPING is prolly a write-off for online yarn shops…a promotion to encourage larger purchase totals!

Gosh - I’m on Ravelry and haven’t found the destash stuff yet ! Anyway, I would guess some people feel like Ravelry is a captive audience for people who want nice yarn and don’t have access to a full loaded LYS. One thing I’ve noticed as a knitter is that prices vary greatly from yarn shop to yarn shop. My mother’s LYS carries the basics of nice yarn for a better price than mine, but it doesn’t carry a lot of the ohlala manos silk blends etc.

I agree with the poster that said if your intersted make a counter offer. Anytime I have bought something off Craigslist or at a yard sale I always make a counter offer.

Anytime I have bought something off Craigslist or at a yard sale I always make a counter offer.

Wonder if that would work for the house I want to buy? :happydance:

Yes, I have noticed that the destash is often higher than you can get on discount sites. Recently I was looking for some Lambs Pride Bulkey found several people selling it for the same price as my LYS and for higher than I could get it at DBNY.

Maybe it’s what they paid plus the cost of getting it to them. If they ordered it from somewhere that cost more than what you paid for it somewhere else plus they’re figuring a few bucks in for the shipping they paid. Just a thought. I generally sell my stuff for around what I paid or less. Of course, I buy super cheap unless I have plans for it!