Yarn for pattern?

What yarn would you use for this pattern? http://www.chicknits.com/chiccowl.shtml
I know it says Aran wieght wool I don’t know what that is and Knit Picks had no answers. :frowning: It said it found no items for me. :??

You could try the same DREAMY Jaeger extra fine merino DK that I used for my mom’s Aibhlinn…its is VERY VERY VERY VERY soft, and since it knits at 5.5sts/in on size 6’s, I bet it would be about right for size 8’s.

In any case, you can use any yarn that will knit at the same guage as what’s called for in the pattern…you can even change needle sizes if you need to.

I think “Aran” is a smidge thinner than worsted.

Brooke, here is a good yarn gauge definition chart.

Kelly, I’m nowhere near the knitter you are, but hope to have sufficiently built on my skills by the fall to begin making the Aibhlinn for my mom for Christmas. I’ll be asking you again, then, what yarn you used. :smiley:

RENNA…we’ve TALKED about bravery before! Aibhlinn is just a k3 p3 pattern!

Oh, great knitting one. I just don’t feel my powers are strong enough yet. :oops:

Found this:

Aran weight is a sub category of worsted weight. It generally refers to yarns that knit at 4.5 sts= 1" on US 8 needles and may be referred to as heavy worsted. Irish knit sweaters, for example, are usually knit with Aran weight yarns.

A word of warning… be careful about using a smaller weight yarn on larger needles. While the gauge may be the same, the resulting fabric will be much looser and lacy, and possibly not what you’re after. :wink:

Thanks Everyone. Rennagayle I think you should jump in and knit an Aibhlinn. With Kelly helping you through you will be fine. :smiley:

Kelly I have a question. Was the color of Jaeger extra fine merino DK like it is on the site? Would you buy it again? I need to buy 2 and I want to make sure before I spend the money. Thank You

I used Camel color for mom’s cowl…it looks very much the same on that website, but I didnt buy it from that website…got it at my LYS. I was hoping Id have a ball left over just so I could SQEEZE it every once in a while! Its WONDERFUL.