Yarn for hats

I want a good warm wool for hats. These hats would be for men when hunting or working outside etc. Would sport weight be a good guage? What do you suggest?


Sportweight might be too thin. I’d go with worsted for the thickness without being super bulky. Alpaca is supposed to be the warmest fiber–something about hollow hairs holding the heat–but a basic wool might be more durable.
Cascade 220 might be good, or really any not-too-rough wool.

If you want it washable rememer to consider that when choosing yarn as well.

I have used Pastaza (part llama) and alpaca for my husbands hats for hunting. He really likes them and say they are warm.

Hope this helps,

I have LOTS of men to knit for. My husband, his father, my sons, and my step-dad. I have made lots of different hats for them, but their favorite of them all was this one:


You use two strands of worsted weight yarn throughout, so it is thick and very sturdy. It holds up very well.

Just wanted to give my recommendation on a pattern if you haven’t chosen one yet.

Here’s my hubby’s “floating head” shot, wearing the hat I made for his dad for Christmas last year. :smiley:

I made hats using two strands of Galway worsted last year. The brims were wide so over the ears the hat is quite thick. I did have a pattern that I made up, and if you’d like I’ll look for it! Just let me know! samm