Yarn for fingerless mittens

Does it matter what type of yarn is used for fingerless mittens? I purchased a few of Vanna Whites yarn (LionBrand) and like it but can I use it to knit the mittens? It’s 100% Acrylie/100%Acrylique/100%Acrilico - new weight 3.5 oz/10g.
Pattern calls for approx. 2oz worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles - what do you think ???

Thank you

Sure go ahead. You don’t have to use wool for everything and acrylic can be very warm.

:teehee: I was going to ask this question about Caron…what about kid’s mittens would it still keep their fingers warm? Thinking of knitting mittens for neices and nephew…

Yes, but when they get wet the hands will get cold. You can knit them several pair, or use wool which still stays warm when wet.

Thank you so much! I’m just am not sure sometimes about all the yarns out there what should go with what project.