Yarn for Blanket

I am fixing to start this baby blanket for my daughter. I am curious as to what yarn you would recommend? I have only used 100% cotton and 100% acrylic. I am still sort of new to knitting so I have not felt of many other yarns. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Make sure whatever you choose can be laundered appropriately. If it’ll be machine washed and dried, select a yarn that can handle that. Cotton blends (not a fan of 100% cotton for blankets) and acrylic/acrylic blends are pretty safe bets and there are many to choose from. What acrylics have you used? Did you like them?


I agree with cam, stick with something that can be machine washed and dried. And soft.

I like Red Heart Soft yarn (it’s not at all like super saver), caron simply soft, Bernat satin, Woolease, and there are lots of others that I’m not thinking of. But I’d say go to a craft or yarn store and see which ones you like the feel of that are machine washable.

Thanks so much!! Keep the suggestions coming!!

When my nephew was born a couple years ago I just hoped for the best and ordered RH’s Soft Baby, RH’s Giant…even some of the SS. Once thru the washer/dryer they were all super soft and very ‘fluid.’ Raves from the parents. While the SS didn’t feel that great working with it I was really amazed that it improved as much as it did. No scratchiness whatsoever. But there’s guarantee. I’ve used Simply Soft for afghans and sweaters and it’s VERY soft but does tend to halo and sometimes pill. Caron Pound (some ppl also like LB’s Pound of Love) is very soft but a heavier weight. But it’s cheap and has good colors.


I was leaning more towards using Bernat. I really like the feel of it. However, I have only used the Bernat Softee Baby which is a Sport weight yarn. I need worsted weight for this project. What yarn is like the Softee baby but is worsted weight from Bernat? Is there anything that would work good from Paton’s?

All of the paton’s yarn I have used are NOT machine washable, they may have one that is, but I haven’t used it so I can’t help there.

Barnet Satin is dreamy soft! I LOVE it! In fact on of the premiee blankets I have right now I’m using it. It comes in worsted weight too and I’ve used both.

I have not used Bernat Softee Baby, so I can’t compare it that way.

Paton’s has Astra, Decor, Canadiana, and Beehive Baby sport which are acrylic or wool/acrylic and washable.

I just finished 2 baby blankets. I’m very new to knitting…I just taught myself a few months ago. But, the pattern I used called for Knit Picks Crayon collection. 100% Pima Cotton, washine washable, tumble dry low. Great colors too!! $1.99 ea.

I’ve used numerous Bernat or Patons yarns over the years, [U]because[/U] they are machine-washable. I usually use Bernat Softee Baby for baby blankets.

Since you need worsted, you could use two strands at once.

I have knitted several baby blankets for my little boy… I love bernat satin and I love it!! Caron soft is a good one too… very very soft and delicate on their skin… machine wash/dry :slight_smile:

I would use Caron Simply Soft or a soft baby acrylic yarn. They knit up really well and stay really soft. They also can be thrown into the washer and dryer.

I have a ton of baby blankets from when my son was a baby, and I washed them a ton, so am thankful for the easy wash acrylic yarns. Diaper blow-outs happen frequently, so does spit up.