Yarn for baby blanket

I want to make the Debbie Bliss seed stitch hooded baby blanket. The pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Too expensive for me.

I would like something with a soft wool in it like a merino, but would also like it to be machine washable. I tried to find a wool blend on yarndex, but it tells me there aren’t any.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


how about knitpicks Merino style? If you order from the link on this site amy gets a kick back AND it is only $2.79 a ball! :thumbsup:

it isn’t machine washable though…

does the pattern HAVE to be DK? i mean it is an afghan…is the gauge critical?

Plymouth Encore has a dk weight that is very soft, machine washable and dryable and great for kids’ things. I use it all the time.

If you really want wool, look for superwash wools. Dale of Norway has some soft superwash, but I don’t know if they’re in your price range.

Need to be careful with wools and babies too… some of them can be allergic to it… I was.

I’m making a baby blanket for my SIL out of Caron Simply Soft. It’s machine washable, not wool in case the baby has very sensitive skin, and is machine washable. I chose this yarn because I remember when my daughter was born–if it had to be handwashed, it probably wasn’t used very often. And I want the blanket to be used, not folded and stored away.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the suggestions. I found some Debbie Bliss superwash merino at Elann that is in my price range. I’ll cross my fingers and hope that the little one won’t have a wool allergy. Has anyone used this yarn?

First Tubey, then blanket! So many projects that I want to try, so little free time to knit.


I’m using Debbie Bliss Merino aran that is machine washable. It’s beautifully soft. Even a woman at work who won’t wear/work with wool loved it, so it should be good for a baby. A blanket is not generally worn against the skin, though, so it should be fine.