Yarn for baby blanket?

I’m an “advanced beginner” knitter and brand-new to this forum, and hoping to get a little yarn advice! I just found out I’m getting my first niece or nephew. I have a pattern for a big, cozy baby blanket from the first Stitch & Bitch book I’ve made before, but last time made it out of acrylic (Lion Jiffy) because it was so much cheaper. I think I can spend a little more on this one! The pattern is mostly stockinette stitch with seed stitch border, knit with two strands of yarn throughout. I’m looking for something…

  • not terribly expensive (this blanket takes a lot of yarn!)
  • soft
  • easy to care for (I’m thinking the last thing my sister-in-law will want to do is hand wash a baby blanket)
  • comes in non-pastel-y colors

Am I dreaming? Thank you so much for any advice! I live in Nashville and know of two yarn shops around (plus Michael’s and JoAnn), but could order online as well.

Let’s see… Plymouth Encore comes in lots of pretty colors and is very easy care! Each skein has 200 yds, too!



I made a baby blanket last year, using two strands of Micro-Spun…and it turned out magnifico! It is warm, soft, squishy and washable! And, micro-spun comes in lots of non-babyish colors! MICROSPUN AT JOANN’S

Thanks so much to you both! I’ll definitely check out both of those. I had thought about staying away from acrylic just because the last one had some spots that got kind of “worn” as I worked it, for lack of a better word, and didn’t look great - but maybe that was just that line? Still learning about all this!

Wow, that blanket is beautiful. How many skeins did you use, ArtLady?

Well it’s not inexpensive but I am finsihing up a blanket with Debbie Bliss Baby Casmerino and I AM IN LOVE. It is so soft an wonderful AND machine washable. I purchased the yarn on ebay for $3.50 a skein.

I just finished a baby blanket using Red Heart Soft and it feels wonderful. It also washed up nicely too and has lots of colors to choose from.

Hoo boy! I can’t remember! :eyes: That was pre-Ravelry days! (Before I had to make note!)

I had a boatload of the yarn! I posted about the blanket in last year’s Year of the Stash 2007. Maybe I can find it somewheres.

I can’t believe it! I found it! HERE on page 4/post 40/Year of the Stash 2007!

I used 16 skeins it says! Take a peek!

On the next page of the thread, page 41, I was asked to share the pattern…so here is a copy/paste of that post:

My Microspun double-stranded baby blanket pattern is 46" x 46" on 10.5 needles:

Cast on 150 St.

[COLOR=red][B]Border Rows [/B]1-10: Knit to end of each row. [/COLOR] [COLOR=red]This creates the bottom garter stitch border.[/COLOR]

After the Garter Stitch Border…

[B][COLOR=blue]Begin the basketweave pattern as follows:[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=blue]Row 1 (RS) and all odd numbered rows: Knit across to end of row

Rows 2, 4, 6, 8 (WS): K5 *K5, P5…repeat from * across…then end row w/ K5.

Rows 10, 12, 14, 16 (WS): K5, *P5, K5…repeat from * across…end row w/ K5.

Repeat Rows 1-16 til 2" shy of desired length.[/COLOR]
End with a repeat of [B]Border Rows 1-10 [/B]for the top garter stitch border.[/COLOR]

FYI: Word to the wise: Place stitch markers every 5 stitches! The “working pattern” rows are done from the WS…you can’t easily see what should be what. It is easy to get carried away and/or distracted when knitting the K5 P5 sequence from the WS! :pout: