Yarn for a scarf that wont itch!

Hello Everyone…
As a new knitter I was wondering if there was a low-end (less expensive yarn) that I could use that would prevent itching… I’m trying to complete a couple for some friends for Christmas, but it wouldn’t be very nice to send them something that is itchy…


I found some low-end stuff at Michael’s, it worked up very nicely and non-itchy…I am thinking Patons? They have a nice tweed variety too

Red Heart has a soft basic worsted weight acryllic yarn which is nice. Very inexpensive, available at places like Walmart. If you’re up to it, you can pair it with some of the inexpensive eyelash yarn (a yarn which looks like skinny fringe or eyelashes) to make it look more interesting - but only if someone doesn’t mind a furry scarf.

Bernat Satin, Denim Style, Softee Chunky or Baby
Caron Simply Soft - all varieties
Red Heart SOFT (not super saver it can be itchy IMO even after washing)

Yes, the Caron is beautiful, not itchy, and can be found at Walmart! I’m thinking it’s like 3.00 a skein? Depending on your scarf you could probably get one per skein.