Yarn for a Baby Blanket

Hello all,

I’m having troubles finding a good yarn for a baby blanket. I want a yarn that’s soft, preferably a “buttercup” yellow (not bright yellow), and most importantly machine washable.

I’ve already knitted 1/3 of a blanket using Bernat Cotton Tots, because I like the feel and color that I found. However, it’s 100% cotton, and I’m afraid of what it would look like after machine washing it! I’ve read some horror stories on the internet… Does anyone have experience with washing this yarn??? Any suggestions for another type of yarn??? I need help!

~Rheanna p.s. I absolutely love this website :slight_smile:

I knitted a blanket out of the Cotton Tots. It washed beautifully and the parents RAVE about the blanket and how much their daughter loves it.

Plymouth makes some nice baby yarns and I have some Caron Simply Soft in a pretty yellow for another baby blanket. Blue Sky has some lovely organic cotton but I’m not sure about the colors and the prices.

Bernat Softee Baby is very soft and washable.

I haven’t tried Bernat Satin yet, but it looks super soft and it’s acrylic so it’s washable. The colors are yummy!

I’ve heard other people say Cottontots is great. Some of the horrors you’ve heard about cotton yarn might be a different type of yarn…


OK, great, thanks for the replies…
I think I’m going to knit up a swatch of Cotton Tots and throw it in the wash just to see if it turns out OK… then I’ll go ahead & finish up my blanket! Although, that Bernat Satin looks nice, I might have to check it out :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

You might check on Joann.com and read the reviews of the yarn. Some people love it and others had problems with the washing. I wanted to use it for a baby blanket because it was so pretty and soft, but after reading the reviews I think I’ll do a small swatch and wash it first. I don’t want to invest all that time and have it not hold up. By the way, it is on sale at Joann’s with a 20 percent coupon for online orders today. Good luck!

Originally I would only use $$ natural fibers. But I’ve found that acrylic is best for baby blankets. It’s so much cheaper & washable. I finally broke down & bought Lion Brand Pound of Love. You get a HUGE ball. More that enough for a blanket. You’ll even have enough for booties & a hat. IT’s so soft. And washable. And it comes in great colors. I’m currently using a lavender color for a baby blanket. I’ve also heard great things about Caron. I still primarily use natural fibers for sweaters & such. But for a baby blanket, this is the way to go.

So far, the best one I have found is Bernat Satin, it is extremely soft to knit and the result is wonderful. Another one that I like is One pound of Love from Lion Brand, it might not feel as soft when you are knitting it, but after washing it, it changes completely!!

Do you know which pattern you are going to use yet?