Yarn 'conversion' chart

I am attempting to return to knitting; I have some old patterns as well as yarns (20+ years old) and would like to utilize them, but cannot determine yardage info…any suggestions? As you can guess, these yarns are no longer in production—some natural, some man-made fibers, but all good, so I would like to put them to use. I have written to Bernat, the publisher of the particular pattern I have in mind and am awaiting a response.
I would appreciate any and all help…thanks!

Here’s an index to a list of ‘Vintage yarns’ though I’m not sure yours qualify yet. You can also see if they’re listed at www.yarndex.com.

I generally use yarndex…

Can you post the names of all the yarns you’re talking about? I have some old Bernat books with charts of yarns and their gauges in the back. It doesn’t give the yardage, but it does say what the weight per skein was, and so from that and the gauge, it’s easy to figure out a general ball park of yardages.