Yarn choice for a blanket?

I found a pattern for a really awesome throw, and I got all psyched up about it. Until I started looking for the yarn.

Has anyone here bought yarn online? The only yarn stores near me are Michaels and Jo Ann, and I’m not that impressed with the selection.

I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to find a bulky weight yarn that won’t kill my wallet. The pattern is made up of blocks, honeycomb cables and seed stitch.

Could anyone possibly recommend a brand and/or a place where I can buy it online?

You can usually find sales online at various stores. Depending on what you are looking for, it might take a little research. You will have to decide if you want wool, superwash wool etc…Most come in worsted and bulky weight. I think Plymouth Encore is a decent yarn with a lot of colors to choose.
Webs (www.yarn.com), has a good selection of various yarns.
www.littleknits.com is also a good choice, www.morethanyarn.com is also decent.

Good luck!


Depending on what kind of yarn you’re looking for, you can also try www.knitpicks.com

I am also a fan of the Encore yarn, as a matter of fact I’m just getting ready to order some for a couple of prodjects for my grandson we are expecting in Oct. It’s warm, yet light, and very washable. I’m ordering mine from Webb’s, as the have a great slection of colors.