Yarn bowl!


Here is a sweet deal exclusively for KNITTING HELP fans!

Enjoy 5% off any of our popular handmade yarn bowls (or anything else in our shop) + receive a FREE gift with purchase!

Use code KNITTINGHELP during checkout. Exp. 11/29/14


At those prices I think I’ll have to stick with my improvised versions, plastic bowls and waste baskets and coffee cans and whatever else is at hand.

My pieces are 100% handmade and take about 4 weeks to create each piece, I am sure you appreciate the labor of handmade items, after all, your knitting takes a lot of time and effort too. Perhaps someone would like to give you one as a Christmas gift :slight_smile:

Happy knitting!

Oh, I appreciate handmade and understand. I just can’t afford them. They’re lovely, no doubt about it. Artistry is not cheap, you have to make something or you might as well give them away.

those are some cute yarn bowls!