Yarn bombing for a neighborhood

I am trying to help a blighted ares of my beloved hometown, Kansas, and it is a long story, but we need knitting help. We are going to bring a lot of the residents together to
Yarn Bomb" a whole street and area for people to see as they visit, pass through, etc. we are going to have the boys and Girls clubs involved as well as high school students and seniors…everyone can participate. We need knitted goods to help us do this. All 200 neighbors will be docarating their mailboxes…we hope and we will be doing trees. Utility poles etc. they will be maintained and in place for approx 3vweeks. We take them down, clean them and use them at the next celebration. We need things to use as is or repurpose. Please contact me at peggys30982@yahoo.com if you can help us.

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Not quite 5 what you are asking for? ???

We can use yarn based items including socks, afgans, baby blankets, partial pieces.

Do you need any scarves or anything similar that is yarn-based?

I’m in the process of sorting out a huge “yarn stash mess room”. I think I’ve got some squares I made in there if you want them…

Yes yes yes. Peggy Steele. C/I coffeyville foundation 1314 west 11th coffeyville ks 67337

I’ll see what I can find. :wink:

Thank you. Do you also need dishcloths? I have a few on me.

Really…knitted dish cloths wow. Anything like that they can use…absolutely any yarn cased item.

Thank you.