Yarn and pattern

This is going to be my next sweater and I’m wondering if anyone has used Tatamy Tweed for anything? I adore tweed and can’t wear wool so this sucked me in. What do you think of the sweater in birch or oatmeal? I’m wanting a neutral sweater this time.


I think the oatmeal.
The birch has some specks in it that may hinder the “neuteral” effect.

Pretty cardi!!
Be sure to show FO!


I’ve never used that yarn but it looks really nice–a good option for a tweed. I’m book marking the page because I have an upcoming project that may be good for…
The sweater looks nice too!

I like birch! It’s warmer! More personality, but still neutral. I like the rusty or reddish flecks (donegals) in it!

Hi, Jan! :waving:

Super yarn and pattern! Wow!

I liked oatmeal best but also got pulled toward “flannel”. I know it’s not as “neutral” as the oatmeal in the strictest sense of the word but it’s gorgeous and might visually read as a neutral.

Either way you’ll have an awesome sweater!

Keep us in the loop (so to speak!) :roflhard:

Ruthie :hug:

You’re going to hate me, but I have one ball of that yarn for darning my husband’s socks. My mother in law gave it to me as she uses the same for my father in law’s socks. It’s soft, so when you repair a hole it’s not stiff and scratchy as it can be when you darn with new yarn.

Pretty sweater!! I would probably opt for the oatmeal. I really like the walnut tweed too!!

Just weighing in here. That pattern is so pretty and femanine, I think it would lose something to make it in the birch. Darker colors tend to not show the detailing of a sweater like that very well. My vote is for oatmeal.

Something I would also consider. Since we’re going into spring here. A very pale, almost white with a light tint of color might be nice too.

Yes I have used the Tatamy Tweed in teal to make a sweater for a little boy. It was easy to work with and washed well. Also a very reasonable price. I have also used the Little Lehigh dk (same as the tweed but different colors)from Kraemer yarns to make a lilac colored (forget the actual color name) pinafore for a child. With the same yarn I made a lacy short sleeved sweater for myself. I love that yarn and now they have them in worsted weight.
I have seen the oatmeal and really like that for a sweater.