Yardage chart?

hi ladies - somewhere the other day I saw a chart that had typical yardage usage for various items - such as a man’s sweater, woman’s socks, children’s socks, men’s socks, etc…

it was a full page but was printed in half pages - make sense - so that you could fold it in half and carry it in your purse.

of course the yardage chart was just “typical” but now I can’t find that chart anywhere. I thought I had bookmarked it and now I can’t find it!

does anyone know a site with something similar. I’m especially looking for a chart that tells me the typical yardage for baby, children, womens, and men’s socks in the varying weights.

for instance a typical baby sock in sock weight takes XX yards and in sport weight it takes XX yards and in worsted weight it takes XX yards. make sense.

can anyone either tell me these yardage amounts or point me to someplace that will tell me.

Not a sock yardage calculator because I have no idea what pattern I’ll be using - I’m just looking for a typical standard yardage amount so that when I go yarn shopping I know how many skeins I’m going to need depending on what I think I might use the yarn for.

thanks everyone!

I have this one bookmarked. I don’t know if it’s the same one you had before, but hopefully it will help.

That’s not the same one but that will certainly work! Thank you Gina!

if anyone happens to see one like i’m talking about please post the link also!

thanks so much Gina!