Yard sale find - now what?

While waiting for dh’s plane to arrive yesterday, ds & I went yard sale-ing (mainly to keep ds from jumping out of his clothes with excitement lol). I found a bag with all kinds of craft stuff in it. The woman had written “$0.50” on it. In the very bottom were a set of size nineteen bamboo needles. :cheering: :cheering: There was also some cheap yarn that I figure I’ll use for lifelines and such. The funny thing is that I almost ordered a pair that were on clearance just the other day. They were $7 before shipping.

Anyway, what do I do with my oh-so-cheap, but in perfect condition size 19’s?? :slight_smile:


How cool!! I really need to go to more yard sales! :wink:

Have you seen the Mason-Dixon blog today? Kay made a scarf using “sparkly yarn” and size 19s. Very pretty.


I’m not sure if you are allowed to use sticks that big without a license though. Looks like someone might get hurt!

I’ve never used needles that size! :shock: What a find though! I can’t believe she was selling it all for 50 cents!!

Ohhh! I like that shawl. :slight_smile: It would make a quick Christmas gift, I bet. :slight_smile:

The woman running the yard sale was PCS’ing so she had to get rid of a lot of stuff FAST. We’re only allowed a certain amount of weight, determined by your rank, for a free move. Otherwise you have to pay for all the excess weight. Her dh had been stationed here for about 10 years so they’d accumulated a lot of stuff. There were a bunch of odds and ends that I might use for other craft projects, but I’m STOKED about the needles. :cheering:

PCSing? :?? Guess I don’t speak military… :rofling:

PCS = Permanent Change of Station

Thanks for defining that for me, Michele. I often use military-speak w/o realizing what I’m doing. Sorry!!! :slight_smile: