Yard comes with tied knots -untie or leave?

This is probably a stupid question–Butttttt when you’re knitting along and there is a knot tied by the manufactor in the skein --do you untied it so you can weave it in at a seam or just continue knitting and hope that the knot does not appear on the “right side”. With wool, I untied and used the video showing how to felt the two pieces together, but now I’m working with cotton. :??

It’s funny–just this morning I was reading about knots in Knitting Without Tears and she said to cut the knots out and weave in the ends like you’re starting a new ball because the knot will frequently “pop” out to the front.

I always cut them out and weave in the ends… I don’t like knots in my knitting anyway, but I also read the same thing in Knitting Without Tears. :wink:

If a ball of yarn seems to have an unusual amount of knots, I’d say 3 max (but just 2 irritates me), return it to the shop. They can return it to the supplier and let them know of a bad batch.

ya know that reminds me, i was just winding a ball the other day and found TWO knots within less than two feet of each other. even i, who has never had a problem tying a knot before, was more than a little annoyed by that.

Thanks for the info!!! I also find it annoying to come across knots. Oh well.

You know what’s MOST annoying? Finding a knot… that’s right, just ONE knot, in a $35 skein of cashmere. That is totally unacceptable.

Of course, I just cut it out, weaved in the ends and whined all the while. :rollseyes:

I hate knots in my yarn!!! It just makes my skin crawl.

I think knots are just a part of buying yarn regardless of price and generally I don’t get too upset about it, but there are some self patterning yarns like Noro or the various sock yarns where a knit can completely throw the patterning off. Noro is particularly notorious for having knots where the pattern is completely disrupted from one side to the next.

If you find a knot in a wool yarn, I suggest using this method