Yankee knitter roll raglan

Making my first raglan sweater, don’t know how to piece it together. Pattern just says “sew side, sleeve and raglan seams”. I tried sewing the side seams together using the mattress stitch, then ripped it out as I can’t figure how the sleeves will go together. Can anyone help with this sweater?

Sew the raglans first, sleeve edge to back, sleeve edge to front. Then do the side and sleeve seams. Mattress stitch will be fine for all of them.

Sew up the raglan seams first, one sleeve to left side of the front and then the other sleeve to the right side of the front. Next sew the free raglan seam on one of the sleeves to the back and finally attach the last sleeve seam to the other side of the back. Now you can sew up the sleeve and side seam on one side as one long seam and do the same on the other side.

I agree that you need to do the sleeve caps first. For most sweaters I’ve knitted, the side seams come last.
I also use a neat trick that really helps me with making sure my pieces line up properly once I have decided on the order in which I’ll sew them up.

If you want the center of the sleeve cap to sit between the front and back piece it really helps to mark on each piece the quarter and halfway points. This is because there likely won’t be an even number of stitches on both sides. For example, when you are working your mattress stitch you may sometimes have to go under two bars rather than one.If you have locking stitch markers on each piece that you have to match up, it will make these little decisions much easier.

It’s really terrible to run out of sleeve cap to seam but you still have an inch of your front piece left. The markers make everything so much easier.

I can’t remember my resource for this or I would link to it for you. I think it may have been an issue of Vogue Knitting or Interweave Knits.

It’s a raglan, so it’s not going into a regular set in armhole. One side of the raglan sleeve is sewn to the raglan on the front, the other side to the back.

I know this is an old post now but I finally remembered my resource and I like it when people follow up on message board posts.
This Berroco video is where I got the idea for pinning pieces together and marking halfway points.
The title indicates that it’s for set-in sleeves, however I use this for every typed of seamed sweater whether it’s raglan or something else.
When I don’t, I always end up having to re-sew at least one seam. Even when the stitch count is basically one-to-one, such as a side seam, I will somehow mess up the mattress stitch unless I do some pinning. :doh:
I hope this is helpful for anyone struggling with finishing confidence.