Yahoo knitting groups

I went to yahoo to try to chat and I am waiting to have my memebership accepted so no chat tonight. But I went looking at all the other groups on Yahoo that have to do with knitting adn there are a gazillion groups. So what other groups do ya’ll belong to? Which ones do you recommend/hate?

I belong to (and love) Knitters Review. I found this forum through KR!! It’s very good…give it a try, too. I really like this one, too…it’s a toss up as to which one I prefer, tho!!
Both forums are great…

I belong to:
-Bag-A-Holic ; which has a free pattern for a bag every month!
-knitlist ; but I got an extra E-mail for that one cause even in digest mode you get lots of Mail :wink:

  • lazygirldesigns
  • rebecca29 and ThinkPinkKnitalong ; which are knit-alongs
  • AGirlCanNeverHaveTooManyHandbags

F mama I approved you! Sorry I wasn’t on the ball last night!

I run a small Yahoo group called MDKnittingCats, but you don’t have to be from Maryland to join!

We’re friendly, diverse supportive and we share goodies :smiley:

Come see


Cool. Thanks. :happydance:

I joined a yahoo group called “KnittingNovices” a while back. It was alright, but it wasn’t for me so I took it off my groups the other day. There were just too many of the same questions, none of which were really helpful to me. I think this site is just what I need!

I also joined a Yahoo Stitch N Bitch group in my town recently. I haven’t had a chance to actually go meet folks, but I am anxious. I’d love to sit and knit and chat with people like us! :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to hear what other groups every one likes being a part of too. I can always use a little help or encouragement!

I don’t belong to any other groups yet, but I read the group on the knitty site, the one at Knitter’s Review (which I really like), and the knitting one on this site: . I’m still a beginner, so I’ve picked up lots of tips.

This is the nicest place, though. :cheering: