XMAS tree pattern help

This is a pattern I found on ravelry for these adorable xmas trees.
I’m having trouble with the pattern though. I haven’t started it yet.
My question comes around row 40. Am I supposed to bind off and make these wedges four times then bind them together or am I supposed to continue on making one large piece that will later be folded into shape? The pattern makes it sound like it would be the latter but I just can’t visualize how one long running piece consisting of four wedges would become a tree. What do you girls think? And what’s with the provisional cast on? Does that really sound necessary to you all? Thanks for your help! How cute are these?!
Here’s the instructions for those people who aren’t on Ravelry

Using the waste yarn cast on 75 stitches.
Begin knitting with wool.
Row 1: knit
Row 2 and all even rows: purl
Row 3: knit 71 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 5: knit 66 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 7: knit 60 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 9: knit 53 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 11: knit 46 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 13: knit 39 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 15: knit 32 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 17: knit 25 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 19: knit 18 stitches, turn, yarn over
Row 21: knit all stitches including the yarn overs (to close the gaps from turning)
Second half of the first wedge (increase rows)
Row 23: knit 18 stitches, turn
Row 25: knit 25 stitches, turn
Row 27: knit 32 stitches, turn
Row 29: knit 39 stitches, turn
Row 31: knit 46 stitches, turn
Row 33: knit 53 stitches, turn
Row 35: knit 60 stitches, turn
Row 37 knit 66 stitches, turn
Row 39: knit 71 stitches, turn
Row 40: purl
Repeat the above 40 rows 3 more times.
Bind off.
You have just completed 4 wedges.
Remove the waste yarn. Using the Kitchener stitch, graph these live stitches to bound off edge.
Felt the tree until the fabric is thick, and the tree is sturdy enough to stand.
Do not let the felted tree spin out. When the desired amount of felting is achieved, remove from washer, press as much water as you can out of the tree, and stand the tree up and shape.

It’s one piece grafted along the cast-on/cast-off edges. That’s why the PCO, not that it’s all that necessary when you’re going to felt it. I suppose you could knit four separate wedges, but that pattern really will make all four wedges with those short rows.
Now I have to go look at these and maybe make some!

I know! They are so cute right? What a great Christmas gift! I guess Ill just have to go ahead and make one before Ill be able to visualize it. I just don’t see how it’ll work…but I trust you gurl!
Thanks for your help:muah: