Xilkan Vanilla Extract

Does anyone, reading this board in the US, have access to this brand of vanilla? My daughter brought me a bottle about 5 years ago after a cruise she and her husband went on. I finally used it all. It smells so great and is the best vanilla I have ever used. I was hoping someone here might be able to purchase and send me a bottle, with we reimbursing their cost.

I am an avid baker so I was googling and looking into Zilkan extract and it is Mexican. As far as I can tell since most product labelling in Mexico in not regulated (much like our natural products) it cannot be shipped into the US. Looks like there are some additives that are sometimes common in mexican vanilla that are harmful and therefore it is not FDA approved.
Hopefully someone you know will be going on another cruise soon.

Cumeron, not sure of the spelling, is harmful and not allowed in the US. However, Xilkan, not Zilkan is the brand that I had and it stated on the bottle that it was free of the substance. It was purchased while on a cruise near Mexico.

I did a web search, and only found one reference to someone looking for it (and not finding it) in Cozumel.

This site suggests that US and Mexican synthetic vanillas are about the same: http://www.vanilla.com/html/facts-mexican.html You can find genuine mexican vanilla extract a number of places. King Arthur Flour has some - they’re a good company to do business with.