Hello all: I am working this pattern:
and would like to be sure if my understanding of x2.
In row 6 k1 p1 (x2)
does it mean do a k1 p1 and then, 2 more times or just k1 p1 twice.
seems to me would be 3 times as the border is a cast on and 5 rows keeping a square shape border, but I need to ask to make sure.

Yes it dose. It’s another way of saying repeat twice more.

I hoped that’s helped you in understanding more :slight_smile:

Thanks so very much motherpink, every day I have better understanding of knitting because of so many who help out. I can continue on now :knitting:

Just to be clear, it means k1 p1 twice, which will be over 4 sts, [B]not[/B] k1, p1 then do it two more times which would be 6 sts.