"X" stitch mistake

Please help me.

I have almost completed an afghan square with the seed stitch but I have made a mistake and don’t know how to correct it (I am a beginner.) The stitch looks like a cross or “X” on my needles. How can I correct it? I do not care to rip out the whole row b/c I did that earlier for a correction and it was a “bear” since I’m new at this stitch. Help!

Thank you for your input.
-Kelly ( a newbie to this forum)

It could be that you didn’t slide the stitch off completely on the previous row and that all you need to do is slip the extra part off. Is there any way you can post a picture?

Thanks so much for responding so quickly. Please see that attached pictures (a bit blurry but I hope they convey my knotty problem)

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It looks like it could be an accidental yarn over or that you didn’t slip the stitch off all the way. The best way to see what’s happening is to work your way over to that stitch.

If you didn’t slip the stitch off all the way, you can slip off the extra piece and it will look normal.

If it’s an accidental yo, you can slip that off too. It might look loose at first, but it will blend in as you knit more.

That’s the best I can do for now.

:thinking: If you can’t figure it out, maybe take a picture with the work facing the camera when you get to that stitch.

Great! I will do as you suggested. But until now I was even too intimidated to try. If I am still experiencing difficulty, I will take another photo when I get to that stitch.

I may be whimping out but I am getting tired now and probably won’t try this until Monday. In this short knitting “career” of mine, I’ve realized that I do make more mistakes when I’m tired. I want to be very alert when I try it. I will keep you posted and thank you again :slight_smile:

-Kelly F.

In this ‘long’ knitting career of mine, I find I make mistakes when I’m tired, too. :wink: