WWYD? Yarn has been "knotted"

I bought some Berrocco Ultra Silk to do a simple lace headband that I just learned how to make. As I cast on last night, I notice that there’s a knot in the skein. It’s obvious but I am not sure how far into the skein it is w/o unwinding it.

should i just knit through it and when I get to the knot, work around it and keep going? or should I try to take it back to the store? I am just afraid that they might not take it back and then I am left to deal with it. And it upsets me more because this stuff is not cheap.

(The headband is a lace pattern (herringbone rib), so I think I could weave it in, but I hate trying since it’s an intricate (in my eyes) pattern)


well you are going to have to deal with it if you don’t take it back too so might as well give it a try. let them know you just want to exchange it so they realize you aren’t just trying to get your money back. Hopefully they will understand the benefit of keeping you happy.

I would take it back , they might not give you your money back but instead give you store credit.
Can’t hurt to try .

Well… knots happen in skeins. Which sucks! But I’ve learned to deal with it. It might not hurt to take it back, but if you do use it, work to the knot, then untie it and join the way you prefer to join yarns. You cant always count on their knots holding.

Is it all the same colour or does it have colour changes? If you don’t/can’t take it back check out the felted and Russian joins for a flawless join. If there are lots of knots I would expect money back for a defective ball… but one and maybe even two knots in a ball is to be expected (think of it like this: all those balls without any knots were really good luck that you got a good ball without knots). If they won’t exchange or refund, you could ask them if you can use their ball winder to rewind it and get a better idea of where the knot is, to avoid it.

This is what I do too, when I find knots. I found one last night in my berroco denim silk, and when I was working on my booga bag, I had 5 or 6 in one skein of patons soy silk! I was so frustrated I almost threw the whole thing in the street!

just as a note in sympathy… i have found that some of the worst stuff for knots is Paton’s SWS no matter how cool it knits up. I kid you not (knot?..nah) that one of the skeins I just used had a knot within 3 yards of beginning of the skein, and ANOTHER within a foot of that… what in the WORLD would be the point of THAT? ridiculous!