Wrong side row

I just started knitting and I do not know what a wrong side row is. How do I know what a wrong side row is?

I am very new to knitting myself but I believe it means the side of the knitting which is not going to be the side on view (e.g. the inside of a sweater). Couldn’t be certain though. Hopefully you will get some more useful replies!


Right side = public side

Wrong side = inside

On a flat pattern, the right side is the side that shows the pattern, or the flat side of stockinette.

Usually - but some patterns have the flat side of stocking stitch as the wrong side. WS rows are often the even-numbered rows. What exactly those rows are depends on the stitch pattern.

I am new at knitting as well but I think of the wrong side as knitting back to my tail. I hope I don’t confuse anyone buy answering theese posts.

Knitting back to your tail depends on what method you have used to cast on, your tail may end up at the start or end of the caston depending on how you did it, but it is a good way of keeping track of what side you are on if it matters and you don’t have other cues to let you know the side.