"Wrong Side Row" -- Am I Right?

I’m currently working on a pattern that states “end wrong side row”. Does this mean that I knit the ws row and am now ready to knit the rs row; or, that I knit the rs row and am now ready to knit the ws row? I’ve read and re-read this and keep confusing myself! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I would love to see the definitive answer on this… Some patterns are a littl emore clear, but I want to know what other say too…thanks for asking this…
How hard would it be for pattern makers to simply say, “End having just completed a WS row” or “End being ready to knit a WS row”

End WS row to me always means that the last row I complete will be a wrong side row. You can usually tell for sure based on what the next rows instructions are.

Ending wrong side row means your last row was the ws, and your next row will be the right side.

End with wrong side facing usually means the same thing, but it can be so confusing. I usually check the next row and see if its a right side, just to be sure.

Some of the phrasing in patterns that has been around for decades could so easily be changed to make it simpler. I don’t know why it isn’t.

Ironically, I had this same conversation in my head yesterday! :rofl: I finally fought enough with myself to decide it meant finish the WS row. Sometimes the simplified language is what gets me. It’s so simple sometimes that you know it just has to be more confusing. I’m glad someone (other than my conscience) spoke out and I at least know what the true answer is. Thanks.

Knitting instructions are often written with “connecting” words eliminated to save space. Sometimes it works, sometimes it causes confusion.
“End WS” row would be much clearer with the addition of one word: "with."
As in, “End with WS row.” Little space lost, much clarity gained.

Amen Knitasha!
Funny how the simplest aspect is what usually slows me down on my projects… :wall:
Did pattern writers not watch “School House Rock” ???

“Conjunction junction…what’s your function…” I’m dating myself. Do they still play those on the morning cartoons? :roflhard: