Wrong side/right side?

I’m knitting my first real pattern, and the rows alternate Wrong Side and Right Side. I understand what those terms mean, but don’t know how that affects the actual knitting process…? Do I flip the work over or something?

If you are knitting on straight needles, you turn your work over when you come to the end of the row…

warning: i am not the best at explaining things in print, but I’ll do my best!

Right side can also be called the “public side” of your work, and wrong side can be called the “private” side, the one people won’t see. For example, the garter stitch (knit every row) creates ridges on both sides, so it is reversible. If you’re making a scarf or hat or something of the like, WS and RS will likely not be mentioned in garter stitch. For a sweater, it very well might be for finishing purposes (RS to RS or WS to WS, et. al.) For stockinette stitch (K a row, P a row, repeat) the K side creates lovely little rows of V’s and the P side creates bumps. MOST of the time, the K side is going to be considered the RS, the side you want people to see, although there are times we want the bumps on the outside, of course. The good thing about this is, you only need to really think about this at the beginning of your project. Usually the first row will say RS or WS next to it. That side will always be the WS or RS, depending on the pattern, for the rest of your work. If you need a visual reminder, place a stitch holder (the safety pin type works well or you can even tie a piece of contrasting yarn) on the RS of your work after you’ve completed a few rows. As for “flipping”, unless you are doing short-row shaping or something else fancy, the only flipping you’ll do is when you’ve completed your row and you transfer the right needle to your left hand.

I hope this helps at least a little! If not, if you can share more details about the pattern, I will do my best to give you a better answer.

Happy knitting!

You may be asking something else, but here’s what I do to keep track of WS and RS.

The pattern I am working on now says to do a certain pattern row on all WS rows. Couple ways you can keep track of this.

You can put a safety pin on one side so you’ll know that when you see that side facing you you do a certain row.

Sometimes WS rows might be all odd numbered rows (or even) so if you are keeping track of row numbers that would be easy.

In my case I knit the tail in the first 3 or 4 stitches and it tends to stay on one side when I drop it. I use that as my “safety pin”.