Wrong Side Knitting

Okay, so… This is my first post.

I have been knitting for about a week now, and I am still really new to all of this. I am currently working on a project where it has right side and wrong side as part of the pattern. (i.e. row one RS knit row two wrong side purl)

The pictures in the book and the pattern seems pretty straight forward, but before I go any further, I just need to clarify how one goes about knitting on wrong side. I’m about 95% sure I am doing it wrong.

Also, what I am knitting and the pictures in the book are two different things! Both are pretty, but the picture has a really nice pattern going on for the main part of the blanket and mine is flat.

Here’s some pictures to show everyone what I mean:

Knitting on the WS is basically the same as knitting on the RS. The stitch pattern that you use may be different and the overall look of the rows may differ but the stitches are worked from the left needle to the right needle. Your pattern starts out with garter stitch where you knit every row, so that the RS and WS look the same. Then the pattern switches over to stockinette stitch where you knit the RS row and purl the WS row. Take a look at the videos at the top of the page for knit and purl stitch and here’s one for stockinette stitch. The eyelet holes are made by doing a yarn over and a knit 2 sts together (k2tog) .
It helps to remember RS by marking it with a safety pin or some scrap yarn. That way you’ll know what stitch to do where.
Your pattern is pretty, just different from the one in the pattern.

If that’s the case, then I am doing it right, but it still looks different. I am following the pattern exactly, but it’s coming out all weird.

It looks like you’re twisting the knit or purl sts or both. Take a look at the videos and see if you’re doing the sts the same way. Twisted sts are useful but not in this pattern.

There are also videos for the continental method on the Free Videos tab if that’s the way that you knit.

Yes, you’re definitely twisting your sts, possibly by wrapping the yarn backwards around the needle. You can still wrap them the same way, but always work into the stitches on the next row on the leg that’s closest to the tip of the needle, regardless of it’s in the back or front. Then they’ll be untwisted.

Okay, yeah. I was doing the purl stitch wrong. I was wrapping the yarn wrong. Which is funny, cuz I didn’t do that with my first project (a stuffed bunny) and it turned out great. lol Silly me!

Thanks, guys!