"Wrong side" became "right side"

while knitting a baby blanket! Please help! I know I have to undo a few lines, which is fine… I just want to make sure that I start knitting correctly once I take all the wrong lines off…

What sort of stitch pattern are you doing, stockinette? What’s the pattern?

If you’re doing stockinette, then the row the knit sts are on is the right side and you always knit them.

There are a total of 10 rows,
Row 1- k,p,k,p,k, knit 78, k,p,k,p,k
Row 2- k,p,k,p,k, purl 78, k,p,k,p,k
Row 3- k,p,k,p,k, knit 78 " "
Row 4- " " purl 78 " "
Row 5- " " knit 78 " "
Rows 6-10- seed.

I don’t know what happened!

You are doing stockinette with seed stitch borders. The center stockinette stitches are done by knitting on one side and purling on the other. If you goof and do the opposite it will reverse. You’ll have rip back to before the mistake and doing it correctly.

The knit stitches are the ones that look like a V. The purl stitches are the bumpy side…they look like a scarf on backwards kind of. Here’s a sample of what they look like. It’s important to learn.

You knit one of the rows twice. Don’t look at the beginning sts, thats the same at the beginning of both rows. When you turn to start a row, look at the middle sts and if all those are knits it’s an odd numbered row. If they’re all purls, it’s an even numbered row.