Wrong side and right side.

I am knitting a stocking and after finishing one side of the heel the pattern says to purl the rest of the row with wrong side facing. However the right side was facing me. What do I do? A purl row does not fit in with the right side pattern.

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You could probably knit across the heel so that the next row would be the purl row (WS). Alternatively, knit across rest of the RS row. It depends on what the next directions are.

It’ll help to know the name and source of the pattern.

I don’t know if you can see the pic or not but it’s Millamia.com and it’s called the Cable Stocking. I was thinking about just knitting across but wasn’t sure where I messed up and had the RS facing me when the pattern thought WS should be.

So I’m in the second part of shaping the heel after the “break yarn”. I’m at “with wrong side facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, p next 50” but this is where I have the RS facing…

Turn back to the purl side and cut the yarn leaving about a 6" tail. You’re not going to continue with that section of knitting. You are going to rejoin an end of yarn to the remaining sts so that you can purl across. You could rejoin the new strand on the knit or the purl side but your pattern is directing you to rejoin on the purl side and proceed to purl across 50sts.

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Ok so how do I get the purl side on my left needle? Because right now it’s the knit side. Or should I just knit the stitches because somehow I have the opposite side facing me versus what the pattern thinks I have.

Once you’ve cut the yarn you can turn any side to face you. Rejoin a new end of yarn so that you can purl across the WS. There should be sts on what is now the left needle.

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Are you using single point straight needles?
This is the only thing I can think of that would explain why you can’t turn the needle around to the other end and join the yarn to purl across.
Other wise this thread is puzzling.

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The pattern might equally well have been written that way for circulars worked back and forth. Maybe the designer wanted to continue across the row already started at the beginning of the heel?

Yes single point straight needles. I’m just following the pattern part for the right side of the stocking.

Okay, with straight needles you will need to slip all sts (as if to purl) to your right needle then turn, join and purl across.


Before the Shape heel, the stocking ended having completed the RS or knit row. The first row under Shape Heel begins p21. Before the turn, the remaining sts are on the left needle with the WS or purl side facing.
When the half heel is completed and the sts placed on a holder you can go back to finish out the purl row on the sts remaining. With the WS facing and the sts on the left needle you’re set to purl the next 50sts.

That’s everyone for all of the helpful info!!