Wristwarmer help

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help me with two questions. I am knitting this pattern for wristwarmers: http://www.christinaslattery.com/roseuncharted.htm

  1. I’ve reached the stage where I’ve ended on the 8th row and now need to start working my thumb gusset. It says in the instructions I need to make a stitch by knitting into the row below. Looking at the video for knitting into the row below (I looked at the glossary http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-glossary and saw the instructions for “k-b”), it doesn’t seem like this actually makes a stitch. Am I looking at the wrong glossary term? I’m having difficulty seeing how I would do this, unless perhaps I knit into the row to make the first stitch and then knit that same stitch on the row I’m working on if that makes sense?

  2. Reading ahead in the pattern, after I’ve worked the thumb gusset and I have four complete diamonds it says “On next round, knit until stitch before first marker, and M1. Knit next stitch; remove marker. Slip first stitch onto right needle.” So am I making one technically on the stitch that is [I]two [/I]before the marker, and if so am I also to assume that I make one stitch by also knitting in the row below?


The knit into the stitch below increase is kll which you can find a video for in the Glossary and on the Increases page. You don’t actually knit [I]into[/I] the stitch, but into the back loop of it.

The pattern actually says to M1 by knitting into the stitch below, same as above. So you knit to [I]one[/I] st before the marker, knit into the loop of it, then also knit the stitch.

Thank you so much for clarifying, Sue. That is such a huge help!

It’s a handy increase to know, it’s practically invisible. And if you want paired increases, there’s klr too.

Sue (or anyone), may I ask one more question?

When I start the thumb gusset, and it tells me for the right thumb gusset to "Work 2 knit stitches past the first twist cable (start counting after the purl stitch that precedes the stockinette section which is the back of your wrist warmer), pm, K2, pm. Finish round.

So I purl right before I start my first cable, then I knit two, place the marker, then knit two? It seems like the gusset is going to start right in the middle of the cable, am I correct? So I’m discontinuing the cable?

It would help to have a picture of them, but I wouldn’t think the twist is on the thumb gusset. You work [B]past[/B] it, then do the thumb gusset sts.

Sorry, Sue, I forgot that the Web version doesn’t have a picture and the PDF does. Here you are:


So it does look to me as if I keep the cables, and I just make sure that I count before or after depending on whether it is a left or right glove.

The cables aren’t on the thumb gusset itself, just 2-4 sts away from it. So just follow the instructions and it’ll come out fine.