Wristband + 2 questions

Im Knitting:XX: a wristband and it has a 2 rows ofknitting (garter stich) and the rest is in a 2x2 ribbing. I used the long tail cast on. I was wondering if i should use a normal bind-off or if there was a matching bind-of for the long tail cast on.

And I have 2 more questions

  1. does the same way that the cast of is called bind of, is the cast on called bind on?

  2. i wanted to know if there where any sports brand paterns, like the nike symbol or the starter, etc…

I think you should use the regular bind off. But then again I really should stop replying these comments, because I have no knowlage what so ever :doh: anyway, I think they look basicly the same. I have no knowlage of any sports symbols. Maybe you could make your own… :thinking: anyway I think cast on is just cast on, but looking at your post it would make scence that it would be called bind off… someone smarter then me will answer soon, so don’t worry :thumbsup:

I’ve never heard “Bind On” myself,… but cast off and bind off are the same thing.

If the rest of the cuff is in ribbing, just remember to bind/cast off in pattern… that means, if the next stitch is a knit stitch, knit it, then bind it off, but if the next stitch is a purl, you have to purl it, then bind it off. I think it;s more important for the bind off to match the pattern, than the cast-on, personally.

The only way I know of to match cast on and bind off exactly is to cast on provisionally and then bind off both sides.