Wrist Warmers

The Snowflake gloves are for a friend who mentioned to me in passing how she liked them…how her hands are cold at work but with typing she can’t wear gloves.

The other pair is a set that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time and over Thanksgiving I finally made the time for them. :teehee:

Snowflake Fingerless Gloves(the white pair made in Wildfoote sock yarn)
Mods: I didn’t do the fingers, I made them for a friend who seen a pair and really liked them fingerless.

Drops Wrist Warmers(the grey, black, creme, and purple pair-baby alpaca D.K.)
Mods: I changed how the thumb was worked. I CO 40sts and then worked up to 48sts. (Picture is them un-blocked)

Oh my! What lovely gifts!!! Lucky recipients!!! :inlove:

I LOVE those!! I Both pairs are beautiful, but I especially love the fair-isle snowflake ones :slight_smile: I’m adding those to my to-knit list!

Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful! You do such lovely work, and so fast! :slight_smile:

They are both beautiful.

They are lovely . Nice work Dustina :slight_smile:

Those are beautiful! I’ve been wanting to make some for my DD - I think the snowflake ones may be the perfect choice :happydance:

Both are beautiful!!

Thanks everyone!

The snowflake pattern is really pretty in person, I’m gonna have a hard time letting them go :teehee:

Very pretty.

Oh, I love them both! Beautiful work. Thanks for the links.

Those are so cute. I really like the fair Isle ones.

Really nice, I especially like the white ones

Dustina, these are beautiful! And you always do such wonderful Fair isle knitting :heart:

:aww: Thank you, I love working with different colors in a project…:hug:

Both pair are just gorgeous!!! They’ll make wonderful gifts!!

Love the snowflake gloves[CENTER] [/CENTER]

Those are both great pairs of fingerless gloves. Your friend should really be pleased that your made her the lacy look mitts.

Very purdy. I, too, like wrist warmers without the fingers. When I’m typing, the fingers are too bulky.