Wrapping yarn around purse handle?

I am so totally stumped. I’m making the Cable Ready Bag from lionbrand.com and I’m at the point where I’m supposed to wrap the handles with the yarn and can’t figure out how to do it. Can anyone help?? The instructions are as follows:

Transfer sts from first st holder onto needle. From WS with A, insert crochet hook through first purse Handle and draw up a loop. Bring yarn around Handle and draw a second loop through the first loop and through the first st on needle. Slip st off needle. Continue to work crochet wrap in this manner across remaining sts, then continue to work crochet wrap into ring Handle alone until ring is covered. Repeat for sts on other st holder and second ring Handle.

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I found the pattern and tried to figure it out. :?? I noticed that several other people had had trouble with the directions for knitting over the ring handles. One gal said she got help from Lion Brand Support. I guess you go to the bottom of the pattern page and click “contact us” and tell them your problem and ask for a better explanation. Maybe someone else knows how. I’m sure it’s simple, but I sure can’t wrap my head around it either.

I do think, this is quite simple, really.

Well, what I would do:

you have all your life stitches on holders, right? Now on one end one stitch has the working yarn. That stitch is your winner. Take if off the holder and onto a crochet hook.

Now you pull that stitch through the handle, work from right side here.

Now you have one long crochet loop on your needle, that is stretches through the handle. Now you reach the other way around the handle, drawing the working yarn over to where your stitch is.

this second loop you pull through the first one. Now you are left with one crochet loop on your needle. And you start over: reach over the handle, grab the working yarn, pull it through the stitch you have on your crochet needle and start over again.

Make sure that when you do that, you keep the crochet stitches relatively tight, so your string lines lie nice and dense and the handle does not show in between.

What you do basically is to crochet a chain, but you have the handle “in the way”.

Is this more understandable? If it really doesn’t make sense to you I will get out some yarn and make you a video. Just let me know.

Thank you so much for your reply Merigold!! I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in not being able to figure it out. I took your advice and sent a message to Lion Brand asking for help.


Hyper, it looks like we posted at the same time. I’m going to try your suggestions right now and see how that works. I’ll let you know if I need more help.

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Hi Susan!
Yup, we crossed. No wonder, since I was writing for a moment or two.
Let me know if it works out.

I think I’ve got it!!!

Thank you!

That is great! Glad we could help. Enjoy your bag!

I tried to do what the pattern directions said and drew a blank. They don’t say to take the first stitch off the knitting needle and put it on the crochet hook, etc. as hyperactive figured out. When I was fiddling with it it seemed that what they said was impossible to actually perform. :shrug: I did like hyperactive and said to myself, “What can I do with this crochet hook to crochet these stitches off and over the handle at the same time?” What I came up with was the same thing hyperactive says. But I thought maybe it wasn’t what they did because it is so different sounding. I’m sure it would get the job done though. Does it look good when actually executed on your bag? If so you’re in business. :woot:

I like that bag. So simple but looks really neat. I may like to make one sometime. A person could add their own touches since the idea is so simple.

you are right, they do not say to put the stitch onto the corchet needle. They say to put in on the needle.

They work it up REALLY complicated, because they put the stitch onto the knitting needle first, then perform that crochet-exercise and then pull through the stitch on the knitting needle.

To have 1 stitch only on a knitting needle… that is not for everyone :smiley:
And it does not do anything, really.

Transfer sts from first st holder back onto needle. From WS, insert crochet hook through first purse Handle and draw up a loop. Bring yarn around ring and draw a second loop through the first loop and through the first st on needle.

you know what I mean? Well, from stitch one onward, that 1 stitch on the needle does not do anything anyways, cause it is gone. So why bother?

I got a reply from Lion Brand and it sure clears things up - NOT!!! LOL

"Through first purse handle means the handle itself, not the knitting. When you draw a loop through the stitch on the needle, it’s the same as when you insert the right needle into that st. Move it toward the tip and then insert the hook.

With Warm Regards,

Customer Support
Lion Brand Yarn Company"

I’m sure glad I came here for help first!!! The bag is finished and I like it but I can’t open it as wide as I wanted so I’m making another one and I’ll get a different kind of handle - an eight inch wide D shaped handle. I’m glad that I bought enough yarn for two, and they’ll be different colors!! Very easy pattern to follow and doesn’t take long to make!

Thanks again for your help!!!


Hi Hyperactive. I really would like to see a video for accomplishing this. Would you be able to do that?There seems to be a lot of people that are having trouble with this part of the pattern. I am sure they would like to see this process as well. You may even want to consider posting it else where, if you haven’t already. Thanks for your help.

Can anyone help with this. I still don’t get Hypers guide. I only ever end up with one stitch around the handle and cannot work out how to use up the stitches on the knitting needle… getting very frustrated.

Welcome to KH!
See if this video helps. It’s a similar idea although not exactly your pattern:

I tried this with some sts on a needle. It worked if I put the stitch from the needle on the hook (2sts on the hook at this point) before reaching through the ring to grab the yarn strand. Then pull the yarn strand through both sts and repeat.

Hi Salmonmac

Thanks for the video thats great and has helped me get how to cover the handle. What I don’t get though is once I have done the first stitch from my knitted bag (by taking the first stitch from the knittinf needle it would be the first stitch on the crochet hook and then moved on) how do I get the second stitch from my knitting needle on to the crochet hook as that won’t be the first stitch on the crochet hook as I will have a stitch I made from the yarn…? Does that make sense?

I cannot find any videos that show attaching a handle to already open stitches from a knitting pattern.

I am losing my mind!!! :grinning:

Thanks xx

Salmonmac…scrap my last message after practising with that video just on a separate ring and yarn I got the hang of it. Then thought I would trying incorporating my knitted bag and Bingo I have it. Woohoo!!! Finally.

Thank you for the video it totally helped :grin:

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