Wraping a stitch?

Hi every one…

the pattern goes like this :XX:

"…Purl 6, Wrap next st and turn work leaving 3 stiches on needle…

is there another name for the wrap…any video on it?


I read this tread yesterday, and suddenly I understand how to wrap a stitch…

You’re doing short row shaping and the wrapping is part of that.

Purl the first 9, slip the next stitch and put the yarn in front. Then put the slipped stitch back on the left needle and turn your work around and start working back the other way.

There’s video on short rows–scroll down


Once you wrap your mind around short rows (pun intended! :wink: ) it is one of those reeeeeally cool knitting things…for me anyways! I love doing short rows. That’s why I love turning heels on a sock too! :smiley:

Do you HAVE to wrap a stitch to do short row shaping? :??

The main reason for the wrap is to prevent a hole. If you just put the yarn over the needle and started knitting the other way, there’d be a noticealbe gap at the turn. The wrap fills it.

If you don’t wrap, there will be a hole. :shock: