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Hi All
I’ve come across this instruction Wrap 1Turn ,I’ve watched some YouTube tutorials but still not sure🙈I think I’m ok with the “Wrap 1” but when it says turn am I then knitting back along what I’ve just worked ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ThankYou

Yes, that’s it exactly. You’ll turn to the other side of the knitting and work back over the sts just worked. These are short rows and they will add shaping to the garment.
What is the name of your pattern?

Here’s a nice video for short row shaping in 2x2 rib. (You may already have seen this but just in case. Suzanne Bryan is always fun to watch.)

ThankYou so much it’s the little Rosie cardigan from King Cole Aran book 2 . I’m not the best knitter and possibly I’ve bitten off more than I can chew … Hopefully i can get this finished and post a pic :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Looking forward to the photo! If you have a question on the pattern, just come right back here.

Hi Again
Gosh this is really challenging me …. I just can’t get my head round this pattern at all , my brain is fried !! Why have I now got one edge much bigger than the other , I can’t see where in the pattern I then work on the other side so that the front edging is equal I’ve attached a photo . Any advice please


Unfortunately it looks like you got the shaping rows in the wrong place.
I can’t see on the pattern photo which side you started picking up the stitches for the band so I might get this back to front, but you can perhaps make sense of it.

170 stitches (after pick up and increases and before rib row 1)
The rib is going to eventually work the full length up the front across the back neck and down the other front side. The deeper rib will be central in the back of neck like a higher collar.

The rib begins at one bottom edge and works up to centre neck, that’s half of 170 stitches, so 85 (maybe put a stitch marker here to help keep the shaping central) and then you continue another 12 stitches beyond the centre marker. This is the row 1 rib 97 instruction (85+12=97).
Then wrap and turn.
Row 2 work 24 stitches, this is 12 you just worked up to the centre marker and 12 beyond the marker.
Wrap and turn
Row 3 work 27, this is the 12 to the marker, the 12 previously worked past the marker AND another 3 stitches. The rows are increasing in length by 3 each time (15 on this side of the marker).
Wrap turn
Row 4 work rib 30. This is the 15 just worked up to the marker, and 15 beyond the marker (12 previously worked and 3 more)
Wrap turn.

Does this help?

For what it’s worth I really love the shaping you have put in, it looks fab. But if you want the cardigan in the pattern I’m afraid there is some ripping or tinking to do and re working.

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This is so beautifully knit! It’s going to be a lovely cardigan.
Here’s a tutorial that illustrates what Creations is saying. It shows the placement of the extra rows (the short rows) at the back of the neck. It may help to place markers at the first turn and then again at the second turn. All of the subsequent turns will be +3 sts past the last turn. So each time you will be adding 3 more sts to the length.

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ThankYou both for taking the time to explain this in detail . I just would never have got this from the pattern. I’ve got the day to myself ( no grandchildren to babysit !) so I’ll pull it back and try again . ThankYou Again x


So much fun to have the grandchildren around but probably not so easy to knit and keep track of short rows and children at the same time! Please do post a photo when you finish this very sweet cardigan.

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I can’t ThankYou enough for your help and detailed instructions for this . I’m just delighted with it
ThankYou ThankYou ThankYou X

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I printed off your detailed instructions , which were a great help . I would t have managed without them .
ThankYou so much X


The cardigan looks fabulous! Well done.

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Oh look at that!

Glad to be able to help.

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