Wrap with armholes

i know i have seen this wrap
i have been on raverly and googles for it
cant find it
does anyone know where i can find this pattern
your halp would be appreciated

Here’s 2 from the Lion Brand website:


There are several. If you have some more details about it, it may be easier for someone to recall.


some of these have sleeves.

I remember one that was just a long rectangle with slits for your arms to go thru. Not sure where I saw it, in a magazine I think.

here’s one that’s on my to do list

thank you all
icant decide so i saved them all
much appreciated
i have really want this
for a long time

How about this one from Elann. I knit it for my daughter’s birthday, she cd do a better job than I modeling. But here are the before gift photos.

look up weekend wrap to find the pattern