Wrap twice to prevent holes in short row heel socks - HOW?

Hi everybody!

I did a search and couldn’t find exactly what I’m looking for - even checked out the videos available here, but still nothing.

I’m working on a pair of toe-up socks and a friend of mine told me that to elimiate the holes that inevitably are made when doing the short rows for the heel, I should do the following, but I can’t figure out how to do this!

“on the increase side, work the short rows so that there are 2 wraps on each stitch then you work them together with the stitch. K3tog”

I know how to wrap a stitch, but I seem to have a mental block on how to wrap a stitch twice! Can anyone please help me with this?!?!



Work the heel normally (just wrap the stitches once) until you’re ready to start picking up the stitches. The first wrapped stitch you knit will only be wrapped once, but instead of imediately turning the work after knitting that stitch, wrap the stitch next to it again and then turn. So, each time you knit a wrapped stitch, you will then wrap the next stitch again before turning.

Ok thank you… That makes more sense. I was thinking of it like YOtwice…


Wait - nope - still confused. The pattern goes like this:
k28, wrap next st purlwise, returning to LH needle, tuen;
p8, wrap next st, returning to LH needle, turn;
k8, pick up wrap and k1, wrap next st, turn;
p9, pick up wrap and p1, wrap next st, turn;

etc. until you get to p15, pick up wrap and p1, wrap, turn;
k15, k2tog, turn;
s1, p15, p2tog, turn:
s1, k15, k2tog, turn
that continues on for several more rows

So where do I add that extra wrap? I’m already picking up the 1st wrap with the k/p and then doing another wrap before turning the work.

Here’s another pattern I found online that appears to have the “double wrap”:

k/p17, k/p next st and wrap together, turn;
k/p 18, k/p next st and wrap tog, turn;
k/p 18, find “used” wrap and k/p st tog with wrap again, k/p next st and wrap tog, turn

So it looks like that “used” wrap is the 2nd wrap I’m looking for… but isn’t that “used” wrap on the row below? :??

The universal sock pattern from knitty uses double wrapped short rows. Try reading that one through. She explains how and when to wrap and what to do when you approach a double-wrapped stitch (some of this info is within the instruction text and not just under the sections on W&T at the beginning).