Wrap & Turn to zero stitches before end then w&t


I have made this sweater before. I have done 10-15-18 stitches before end of row then wrap and turn. What I’m not understanding is the next row instructions which state " work to - (I’m assuming this means zero) stitches before end of row and wrap & turn. The next row is to knit and pick up wraps.


Usually when you see a hyphen or a zero for your size, it means to skip that instruction and go on to the next step.
Can you give us the pattern name or a link to it?


Perfect, this isn’t the easiest pattern to read. It is again the Pintuck
Tee from ravelry. Page 4/7 right column towards the bottom.
Sure wish there was someone here to help. DON’T MOVE TO ANY TOWN IN WY,
maybe Jackson Hole would be okay.



Well, you’ve always got us to help out
This is such a pretty pattern. Yes, for the hyphen in your size, just skip this instruction.