I was just given 2 rabbits, one half giant English angora, (and she bred her last night to her full blooded GEA), a drop spindle, soy silk, corn silk, silk hankies, 2 huge bags of pencil roving, 8 skeins of hand spun, a huge bag of angora, 3 bags of wool, 1 huge bag of merino roving in a really pretty vergated style (when spun it looks really tweedy) 4 small packs of misc. hand dyed wools, and a giant (((HUGE)))) Roll of 100% wool batting that no one wants cause it has veggie matter in it, but it’s great for spinning. I am the 4’th person to have it, and it’s still huge. (I think I got that all right. I may be wrong on a couple tho)

She gave me all that. gave. Wow.

When she heard I was the age I am, and actaully knew how to spin, knit and crochet… My mom said she was amazed. She started digging through her stash last night, and gave me all of that stuff.

Um, use it? I spun from when we left meeting her, to home depot, spun in the PL of home depot, spun the 2 1/2 hours back home… :wow: Now I see what I’ve been missing in using a CD spindle.

Cool thing about this… I felt like I was supposed to buy a bunch of cotton yarn (I’ve since found out it was cause of the bags, and tho I haven’t heard yea or nea from the Merc, I’m feeling really good about selling them, one way or another.), but I really didn’t want to since I had my eye on this beautiful drop spindle… Well the one she gave me is almost identical to the one I wanted. Glad I listened to His voice. :heart:

And I invited her to KH. :smiley:

I’ll get pictures up in a few days. :woot:

[B]jealous (1)[/B]

can’t wait to see the pics!

jealous (!)


I’ve spun, plied and dyed my first “real” skein! Yay!

I won’t take pics till I can get a chance to find somewhere pretty as a backdrop… I hate taking lousy pictures, and since I can take both really good pictures, and horrible pics, it’s really my fault when they are bad cuz I don’t pay attention to the surronding and lighting. LOL

God is good, All the time!

whoo wee… what a big stash she must have! heh… seems she found just the right person to pass it on to!
enjoy! and please do post pics of the bunnies :slight_smile:

And All the time, God is good!

she has bunnies in her stash?! do you think if she keeps digging she might find me a pony?

wow though, what a wonderfull generous woman and what a great haul for you! i hope you enjoy it.

she has bunnies in her stash?! do you think if she keeps digging she might find me a pony?
If she did, it’d be taken!!! :smiley: :roflhard: