WOW.... Post Activity

Kemp and Nuno930 have now passed 1000 posts as well… Ekgheiy is getting close (968 as of this posting).

And KellyK is now over 3100.

KellyK has no life other than KH. She’s a machine. :roflhard:

Holy Maceral!
That’s great everyone!

I :heart: it!

Kewl - I stopped looking at my post numbers once KK came aboard. I’m mean really - she such a blabber-mouth!!! :mrgreen: Just joshin’ ya KK!! WE WUV YOU WERY WERY MUCH!!! :happydance:

If I could only spend as much time on KH as I WANTED, I think I could blow KK out da agua!! :roflhard: There’s goes that joshin’ side of me… :eyebrow:

Y’all just wait until I get my “Shiatzu” together!! You won’t be able to shut me up!! Heh - heh - heh … :devil:


Kelly, you DO know I was just kidding, right? :wink:

stop being so snarky Silver!!! :fingerwag:

Gosh, I don’t even look at the #'s…I hit 1000 over at KR (have been a member longer over there…simply bc I knew about it 1st, fyi) and didn’t know it until I was told. So…I’m making this post just to see my #'s and to say KUDOS to ya’ll with the big mouths :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Okay, after that post…yes :blush: I realized that I am in the bunch of peeps with the big mouths…and PROUD of it, I must say :thumbsup:
KK…my friend, I luv ya, but how can you do all of that knitting and typing?! I’m really very curious :??

Oh shush and mind your own beeezwax.

I’ve been a member since Jan. but don’t come close to you guys. I guess I’m just kind of a quiet girl. :oops: I must work on that. :smiley:

Silver, you know me better than that…I wouldnt know someone was being serious if they hit me on the head with it!

Know what would make us even more prolific? Speech recognition software! :roflhard: Then we could knit and post at the same time. Maybe Amy can get us some kind of discount :slight_smile:

Hey! I love that idea!! :happydance:

Are you kidding? Amy would have to add new servers weekly with you all adding 500 posts a week because you didn’t have to type.

:rollseyes: :roflhard:

Yeah and I cuss WAY too much… all of my posts would be deleted if I could just talk my way through them. When i’m typing I’m a lot more conscious of the knotty factor.

YEeeaaah … me too. Just call me Ms. Sailor!! hahaha :rofling: Or Miss Potty Mouth … :eyebrow: