Wow my first bag

this ony took me two days !!!
Felting soooo cool!!! :XX: :XX: :happydance: :smiley:

It is beautiful!! I love the shape and the color. Great job! :thumbsup:

That looks awesome! Great job!! :thumbsup:

That’s a great bag!

It really IS a great bag!! Good job!

:inlove: congratulations!!! good job! :cheering:

Wow! I love that bag and the color. Great job!

Nice job!! :cheering:

:inlove: That bag is nice! :inlove:

I love it too. I have a bag fetish.

GORGEOUS color. That two day thing rocks, doesn’t it? :wink:

Love the color! Great job :cheering:

Oooh, that’s so pretty! :inlove:

And two days? Gotta love that…you’ll be knitting them all the time, now! :smiley:

:thumbsup: Looks great!! Love the color!!

Oh I :heart: it!!!

I’ve never felted anything before…what pattern did you use? I’d LOVE to make this!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :inlove:
:cheering: :cheering: :rofling: :XX:
I wish i could knit that fast

       I found this pattern @ look under Exclusive Patterns. I used 1 skein of Patons 100% wool . Mine looks a little like the one in the picture , I blocked it like that. I wont to make a flower for it . (as EMMA the bag)

The bag is really pretty. The color is great too. Have you already started on another? I know when you make something that turns out great, you can wait to get started on the next one. I have yet to felt but that’s gorgeous.

Hi Partydiva,
no I have not started another bag yet ( to many things on needles still yet) But I got my yarn last week to make Felted blue
dotted bag. It was in Knit It mag. And I cant wait !!!
Here is a picture , Sorry the picture is not that hot…Hope you can see it… :XX:

That bag is too cute. i couldn’t imagine ANYTHING polka-dotted that was cute that I would actually wear/carry but that would be it. Good luck!

:happydance: :cheering: :cheering: :lol: :XX:
great job its so cute