Wow I'm backwards

So recently I’ve been watching videos of knitting for different things, like how to purl through the back loop. I’ve been noticing in the videos that everyone was purling a different way than I was, so I got to wondering exactly how it was that I purl. Come to find out, I’ve been doing some sort of combined method, where you’re supposed to knit a stitch through the back loop!! I don’t know how in the world I learned how to purl in the combined method, but I’ve been wondering for a while now why it was so hard for me to knit a row after purling lol. So I’ve now taught myself how to purl continental tonight, and I did a knit row much easier. I just thought that I would share one of my blonde moments with ya’ll, it cracked me up!!

It’s good to watch videos even for things you know how to do. Sometimes there are just easier ways to do them. It’s amazing what you learn about your own technique (and then get to unlearn).

Some people purl that way on purpose and then correct it by knitting into the loop at the back of the needle. It can prevent rowing out. Purls tend to be looser than knits and wrapping the yarn the other way makes them tighter.

It’s okay to wrap the yarn backwards for purls, just so you knit into the back leg (closest to the the needel tip) on the next row. A lot of new knitters seem to, especially if they crochet to - it’s the same way they’d grab the yarn doing that.

There’s no “wrong” way to knit. If your finished project looks good to you and you’re happy with the process, then it’s not wrong.

However, if you find an easier way to do something, it certainly might be worth changing your method!

I do both “regular” and combined knitting, depending on what I’m working on–for rows and rows of flat st st, I’ll often switch to combination (even though combo knitting requires doing the decreases different from what’s called for in most patterns).

When doing ribbing, I have started using a mixture of combined and regular knitting because it makes my ribbing look much more even. If I go just the regular route or just the combined route on ribbing, it looks awful! Lots of rowing out.

So all in all, what you learned the first time isn’t necessarily wrong, nor is it a waste of time. In fact, it will probably come in handy some day!

I thought about just going with the combined method, but it seems to me it would just make things more confusing for myself lol. For some reason, I had a hard time learning the continental purl the first time, but I have it now. It was bothering me so much last night, I was laying in bed just layin there thinking about, I just had to go pull out my needles and yarn to see if I could get it lol.

You’re a knitter, alright! You should post to: You know you’re a Knitter if…

Knitting combined method can make things more complicated especially for a new knitter when they start working with patterns. Sometimes a pattern wants you twist your stitches or do something else that makes it harder to figure out. :teehee:

That’s for sure!! I didn’t know what in the world was going on with my purls being so tight, I thought that it was just the nature of the stitch, when all along it was just me taking the backwards route as usual lol!!